Holiday photo round up: France with the family

We have just returned from a week away in France with all of the family. We had such a lovely time and it was so nice to spend time with the family and for Amelia to spend time with her cousins.

She absolutely loved it and having a pool to play in every day made it for us. We have been going to swimming lessons for almost a year now so it was great to for her to show off her skills to the rest of the family and for us to feel confident that she was happy being in the water. I think everybody’s main worry with small ones is that they are going to get excited when out of the pool and attempt to make a run and jump for it in the pool. I don’t know whether this is because we have been around the pool quite a lot but all of the girls were really good around the pool and either wanted to be in or were happy to play away from it in the garden.

I loved seeing them independently float around and it was good for the two smaller ones to see my older niece swimming so confidently. She has been having lessons since she was about 6 months old and they have defiantly paid off. She is more confident than any of us grown ups and will happily do lengths of the pool unaided.

Whilst we were there my niece turned five so we had fun celebrating with a pool party and an inflatable a ‘pink swan’ aka the birthday flamingo. We had a little tea party lunch and found a lovely cake at the local patisserie.


We have had a couple of holidays in France over the past see years. I love it there and the food and drink are always a winner. We took the girls to a local patisserie whilst we were visiting one of the local villages. It was like  Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. As soon as we walked in their faces lit up and were straight to the glass counters staring at all of the different cakes on display. The shop assistant was so lovely and as we were leaving, armed with what turned out to be the best chocolate eclair I have ever had, he handed the girls a small chocolate each from behind the counter. Needless to say they were very happy and we left with three happy customers.

The road trip to get to the house went well and a big thanks goes out to Mr Tumble for providing entertainment when we needed it the most during the later parts of the journey. All three of the girls were amazing on the trip and considering how long the journey was, they were total troopers.



I loved being away and having a proper break as a family. Just to get away from home was lovely and not think about work or whatever else was going on back at home. The worst thing about coming home is  that I want to start planning another holiday for next year. There is already talk of another French adventure but maybe with a twist. Mr P turns 40 next year along with one of his close friends so there is talk of a cycling holiday which we would then gatecrash towards the end and then have our own break as a family.  We will have to see. For now I will dream of french summer days and a cheeky 3 0’Clock beer.


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  • It looks like you all had a great time. What a lovely place for a party. I get severe holiday blues too. I have already planned next years after we go back from our holiday this year! Thank you for joining #fortheloveofBLOG

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