“Hold Mummies Hand, hold mummies hand, hold mummies hand……”


I love this photo. Amelia and her four year old niece walking to the park. Sophia is amazing with her and is the perfect big cousin.

She is also the person who Amelia loves to walk beside and holds hands. When it is me it’s a different story.

I love that she is walking now. Over the last few months we have seen her grow in confidence on her feet. She has now perfected a jog/power walk which is brilliant to see even when it does sometimes end up in a (non injury) face plant.

She is however going through a phase (it’s always a phase isn’t it?) where holding my hand in certain situations when I ask her to isn’t always popular.

It’s not always ideal for her to be running off on her own and there are times when we need to hold her hand. This isn’t always popular. She just wants  to have her freedom.

So our latest challenge is working on getting her to hold hands at those times when it is most needed. I spoke to my sister about this and she had a similar issue with my niece who is of a similar age to Amelia.

She told me of a few occasions where she would end up carrying her across the road after she refused to hold hands. This of course was not popular and resulted in an almost upside down child being wrestling style carried down the road. When I asked her what she did to make this better she gave me a few tips which we are giving a go.

  1. Firstly we start by saying we need to hold hands now. This can get quite repetitive but can sometimes work after a couple of times and a bit og waving our own hands near hers.
  2. If this doesnt work, we then have to say why we hold hands. Of course a 17 month old isn’t going to fully understand but I have found that repetition does sometimes help. Lots of mention of safe, staying close to mummy etc.
  3. We also explain that if she doesn’t hold hands then she will be picked up and carried. Again this isn’t something that she may not currently understand but im willing to give it a go.
  4. The last resort and the one I currently dread is the picking up. If she doesn’t want to hold hands and finds an attempt at breaking the 100m world record more appealing then we go for the lift. This is never popular. Cue unhappy small child wrestling to get down from my arms.

My hope is that she will get to a point where she realises that holding hands translates into not having to be held. Happy Amelia, Happy Mummy!. The funniest thing is she only seems to be lacking in the holding hands love for me and maybe occasionally Daddy. Granny, Aunties and small nieces and she is more than happy to potter along with them!

So for now we will persevere.

I would love to hear of anybody elses experiences of holding hands/not holding hands and how they deal with this.


Catherine x




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4 Replies to ““Hold Mummies Hand, hold mummies hand, hold mummies hand……””

  • I’m always surprised how much they do actually understand at that age! I remember my Amelia used to look at me (seemingly) so blankly, but as soon as she could walk I talked to her lots to reinforce road/travel safety. She is now 3 and is perfectly able to safely navigate roads, crossings, understands the green man (that was a fun game when we introduced it haha!) and she also has an amazing routine at train stations which keeps her safe and is embedded in her brain from a good 18 months of repetition!!x

  • Oh it’s such a tricky one isn’t it? With my 2.5 year old I often struggle but usually if I just give him the choice of “hand or carry?” he will tend to reluctantly give me his hand. It’s so hard when they are little though. Another idea that I remember worked with my daughter when she was little was just to stop. I used to make sure that we weren’t within bolting distance of any roads etc but I just used to stop and refuse to keep walking until she was holding my hand. I didn’t shout or argue about it. I just used to stand still with my hand out and say “we can’t go any further until we’re holding hands”. That used to work and she got it immediately after the first scene that she kicked up. Thanks for sharing this with #DreamTeam lovely and good luck! x

    • Thank you! Great tips! We have weirdly turned a corner these past few days and she seems a little more keen on holding my hand! Fingers crossed it will continue!! Thank you for reading! xx

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