Our favourite books this month 

Having Amelia has given me a newfound love for children’s books and I am loving reading with her. I  love her excitement when we sit down to read a book and the fact that she will sit still and cuddle up for that short time before bed.

We read every night before bed now. Sometimes just one book, sometimes more than one. We just have to tell her it’s time for a story and she runs to get a book out. Sometimes it’s the same book as the night before, other times it’s a totally different one.

This month we have been reading a couple of different books. For a while we were reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt‘ every night and as much as I love that story it is really nice to be reading a few different stories now.  I am always on the look out for new books and can’t resist the book aisle when we pop into the local supermarket.

Clip Clop 

We got this book when the health visitor visited us when Amelia was only a few weeks old. The Book Trust provides all new babies with a book bag with two free books. She told us then that it was never too early to start reading with children and I have always remembered that. It is only a short story but is a firm favourite with all of us. We have got quite animated when reading this and Amelia absolutely loves getting excited as we read through it.


The Star of the Zoo

I picked this up in Asda last year. (I love their book aisle!) I know you should never judge a book by its cover but I loved this cover and picked it up straight away.  The story tells of a star falling from the sky and her friends at the zoo attempting to help her back up before the sun comes up. After many attempts from all of the animals at the zoo it is an unlikely hero that saves the day. I love this story and Amelia loves pointing out all of the animals. It is a great story to read together and I always like it when she chooses this one.


Around the World, a story for… 

This is our favourite bedtime read at the moment. Our childminder bought this for Amelia for Christmas last year and I really love it. The story is personalised to her and follows the adventures of ‘Amelia’ and Phileas Fox as they travel around the world. Amelia loves the fact that her name is mentioned a lot (!) during the book and we enjoy telling her about all of the different places they visit on their trip. My brother and his wife live in America so we always make a point of mentioning them when we get to the part about visiting the USA. I really like that this is personalised to the child and I will be looking at these for Christmas present ideas this year.


I have defiantly seen the benefit of reading with Amelia. She always wants to read more and we sometimes have to go into distraction mode to get her to bed. I have even spotted her reading the books to herself, (in her own special way). She remembers certain parts and reenacts the way we read them to herself. Is is one my of my favourite things to spot her doing.  It is lovely having a collection of books to choose from and I am looking forward to this growing over the years. I am also going to sign us up with a library card for the local children’s library so that we can visit and borrow some new books.

I would love to know your favourite bedtime stories and what your little ones enjoy?

Catherine x 

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