To blog or not to blog?

This is the question I have been thinking about for a little while now. Is anything I have to say interesting? Will anybody actually read it? Will I have anything to say?

The last 7 months have been a total whirlwind and since Miss P came into the world I haven’t had time to think about anything apart from a.)Miss P and b.) Miss P. It is only now as I near approach the end of my maternity leave that I have realised how quickly the time since she was born has gone and how much has actually happened in this time.

She is no longer this tiny newborn baby in a routine of sleeping, eating, more sleeping and then more eating. She is now a baby on the move with a crazy personality of her own. She no longer needs me to wave toys in her face whilst she gazes up at me, she picks them up herself shuffles across the room in order to find more! She no longer lies perfectly still when having her nappy changed, hell no! She is making all attempts to get as far away as possible from that clean nappy and check out what else is going on elsewhere no matter what current state her bottom is in!

Everybody says to cherish every moment and you try so hard to do that, but before you know it that day/week/month has gone by and before you know it you are 7 months down the line and talking childcare and returning to work!

So it’s time to document this crazy new life and all that comes with it before I wake up and we are planning an 18th birthday party and sending Miss P off to uni!

So I think the answer to my question is to blog! Why not? Let’s give it a go anyway and hopefully we may even make some friends along the way! 😀

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