Oh wow! Miss P you are 20 months 

I was looking back at old blog posts and I had written one last October when you hit double figures.

Fast forward another ten months and we are now approaching month 20 and things are so different. One of the biggest things is that you have hair! For so long you were a mini Grant Mitchell but you now have a great mop of blonde hair. You are still all Daddy which I can’t see that changing in the near future.

10 months ago you were cruising around the house holding onto everything. You were confidently heading towards those first proper steps and it wouldn’t be too long before you were off on your own two feet and we would be heading to pick up your first pair of shoes.

Now at 20 months you are well and truly Miss Independent. You are at your happiest when you are running around or climbing and you would always rather be walking than being stuck in the buggy.

You love music and you love to dance. At your cousins recent birthday party you were in your element. Soft play followed by an entertainer. You absolutely loved dancing around at the party and were lost in the midst of all of the older children dancing away.

You love to read. We always read before bedtime and your favorite at the moment is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  We all know it off by heart now and you know all the actions that we have created when reading it. It’s so lovely to see you sat reading it on your own and reenacting what we do.

You are currently attempting to jump . I’m not even sure where you have learnt this but it is brilliant to watch you give it a go. Your attempt involves squatting down and then ‘jumping’ up. You don’t quite manage to lift your feet off the ground just yet but you have fun trying and it’s great to watch.

All you want is to do things by yourself. You love clothes. You will happily sit with a pair of trousers or socks for a good 10-15 minutes whilst you attempt to put them on. When it comes to me trying to put them on this isn’t always popular and you would much rather do this yourself. Why would mummy want to help when you could try it yourself.  I do love this side of you though and it shows how head strong you are going to be.

You are becoming more and more chatty and mastering more words every day. I love that we can have mini conversations now and that you understand what different things mean. You know when we are heading out and you only have to see a bag and you assume that we are ready for the off. Poor Daddy can sometimes be almost pushed out the door in the morning when you see his bag and are handing it to him.

I love that you respond to questions now. If we are looking for something and I ask where it is your latest thing to do is look at me and hold your hands up if to say, ‘I don’t know’. Instead of ‘I don’t know’ you say ‘gone’. I just love seeing your reactions and when we do find things you are so happy and cheer. Your laugh is infectious and I love how you will say hello to everybody you pass in the street.


You love your cousins and you love spending time with them. You get excited when you see each other which I love to see. We are so lucky to have them so close by and we cannot wait for you all to spend a holiday together. The plan so far i think will be pool, playtime and more pool and playtime. Whatever we do you will just be happy to be spending time with them and running around after each other.

You have settled in so well at the childminders and I am so proud of you. You have little friends there and I love hearing what you have been up to each day when i pick you up. It is your secret little life of your own and I love that you have that.

You are the most affectionate person I know. You love to give kisses and cuddles and nothing beats the feeling when you come and give me a huge cuddle when I haven’t even asked.

This year has been twice as quick as your first year in the world and you have changed so much. I cannot wait for the next few months to see how you change more and head towards your second birthday. I know Daddy is keen to get you on your balance bike as soon as your feet can touch the ground so we have that to look forward to.

I can’t wait to see what adventures we have over the next few months

Mummy x

The Pramshed
The Pramshed

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  • Aw this is so lovely. You could literally be writing about Willow – they are so similar! Aren’t we lucky to have such cheeky, happy clever little girls. Although Willow is still rocking the Phil Mitchell look! I do hope time slows down a little as it’s whizzing by xx

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