Raindrops and roses and whispers on kittens! These are a few of my favorite things! 

This song was in my head as I started to think about this post so I have opted for it as a title. Let’s see if this lasts as a title by the time I post it live!

The reason I started my blog was to capture the moments that I was worried I would forget. Those little every day things that seem to pass you by at the time but when you look back you start to realise were quite significant and a big part of the early days of new baby life. We find ourselves forever saying, ‘do you remember when she did this?’ so capturing these moments is something I want to try and do more of.

One of my things at the moment is looking at what Amelia’s favorite things are. The things that she seems to be doing a lot more and that make me smile, laugh, or even take a deep breath and wonder how long until bedtime (we’ve all done that haven’t we?).  They change week on week so I thought it would be a good idea to start noting these down.

1. Condiment love 

I don’t know if this is a sign of future OCD or just an interest in various flavors but for some reason this kid loves a sauce or vinaigrette.

It’s one of the shelves that she can reach in the big cupboard in the kitchen and these are her favorite things to grab. Ketchup, vinegar, brown sauce and maybe a cheeky salt shaker. She happily takes them out of the cupboard, walks across the room and lines them up next to each other. It’s hilarious to watch and I just watch in amusement wondering what is going through her head. She doesn’t attempt to open any of them so it doesn’t bother me, I just find it hilariously bizarre. What is so entertaining about a bottle of vinegar? Answers on a postcard.

2. Yodeling/gurgling 

This week she has developed this bizarre sound which is half way between yodeling and gurgling.  It is obviously her way of chatting away to herself and I listen out for some key words in there but currently this is a yodel in between the words Hiya, Yeah and Bye Bye!

3. Planning her own wardrobe 

For quite a while she has loved to grab any clothes that may be hanging around and just sit and play with them. Never mind the Vtech collection that may be lying around if she sees a clean pair of trousers or a top from the washing line she can easily be occupied for a good 20 minutes or so.

Recently she has started to sit down and try and put her clothes on herself. It started with a top over her legs or trying to get the arms of her top over her head. But over the last couple of weeks she has started to work it out a bit more. Tops and dresses are making it over her head and trousers are making it onto at least one leg now.


It is just another sign of her trying to gain independence and a scary thought that she will soon be so independent that who knows what she will end up wearing that day!

4. Running

I love Amelia walking and now she wants to run. It makes me smile and wince at the same time. It’s the bum shuffle and the pure speed of it! I do sometimes watch with my eyes half shut as I watch her run around secretly urging that she switches the brakes on before running into the door. Somehow so far she has managed to hit the brakes just in time but it doesn’t stop me wincing every time she starts to pick up the pace.

5. Everything is a phone

It defiantly goes without saying that children pick up on everything around them and our use of technology is no exception. Amelia knows what the television remote does and everything that resembles a phone or phone shape she mimics a phone call. This even extended to a non traditional phone shape of a bunch of wet wipes (Pulled out of the pack whilst my back was turned!).

Whilst it does scare me how much she has picked up it is nothing but entertaining to see her walk around the room with her wet wipe phone chatting away to whoever might be on the other end of that call. Cue yodel/gurgle conversation with anonymous caller making me laugh a lot.

I would love to hear what your little ones favorite things are at the moment and if anybody else’s small person has a love of condiments?

Catherine x 

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11 Replies to “Raindrops and roses and whispers on kittens! These are a few of my favorite things! ”

  • This is so cute! My little one loves to run and put choose his own outfit as well! Actually, he’s now choosing my outfits as well… they can be so bossy, can’t they? #bigpinklink

  • Oh that’s so cute! We’ve just moved house and I now have a pantry which means that all of the condiments are no longer in a “high up” cupboard and are now within reach of tiny humans. The ketchup now makes an appearance at every meal time. Cornflakes or otherwise haha. Loving the baby-wipe phone! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

  • Sounds like you have a little fashionista to be there 🙂 Ha yes i remember my youngest as soon as he learnt to walk he wanted to run (mainly to catch up with his big brother) we were always shouting ‘Slow down!’ We didn’t have a love of condiments but he did love looking and touching my toes for some strange reason, thankfully he has now grown out of that as I am not good with the whole feet thing! xx #DreamTeam

  • Aww, this is the sweetest!! When I first read ‘condiment love,’ I thought she was demanding a sauce on every meal!!! Playing with them is very cute though-is be scared of her learning to open them, and them going everywhere! My eldest was a very quiet baby, but the second was very vocal-always making bizarre shouty noises! They both turned everything into a phone too-we have a video of them on holiday once, using absolutely everything as a phone-we watch it all the time! I hope you don’t have any running-too-fast accidents-I was wincing for you…!

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