A week in Miss P’s world: When your toddler copes better with change than you do

This week has been a strange one with a few changes that have probably affected me more than Amelia.

About a week and half ago we heard from our childminder who told us that due to personal reasons she would no longer be able to look after Amelia. I read the message and my heart sunk. It wasn’t that I would have to find a childminder pretty quick sharp (that came later) but more a feeling of sadness that things were going to change.

I am never great with change. I like it when thinks are running smoothly and we have a good routine with things. When things suddenly change out of the blue I feel unsettled and unprepared.

This was defiantly one of those moments. I had been so used to our routine of going to the childminder, Amelia knowing where she was going, who she would see each day and being settled there.

As well as feeling sentimental and upset I was also worried how Amelia would react to a sudden change in situation with a brand new group of people.

After scrolling through what felt like every childminder in the local area we managed to find one that had availability to start straight away. We could go and visit the next day. I was so nervous. It felt like we were starting again.

Amelia had been nine months old when she first started going to childcare. She had done really well with only a few occasions in the early days where she would be upset when I left. But that was such a long time ago. I had no idea how she would react to being left somewhere completely new.

This was just over a week ago and I couldn’t feel prouder of her.  We went to visit the new childminder and were instantly impressed. She was a little different to what we were used to and there would be a few more children in the setting but we liked her. As soon as we got there Amelia ran straight off and started playing with the other children. It was clear she liked it too.

We left feeling happy and arranged for Amelia to go for a settling in session a few days later. That morning I did feel nervous as this time I would be leaving her. She didn’t care less! She remembered the childminder and even the house as we walked up to the door. She couldn’t wait to go and play.

I was so relieved I got into the car and had a little cry. It felt like so much had happened in just a few days I hadn’t had time to think about it all properly. Seeing her run off happily just made me realise how fine she was going to be.

I was so happy with our situation as it was and was so nervous to start something new. It took a two year old to show me that change is okay and more importantly she could cope with it without any issues.

She has now had her first few full days at the new setting and she has got on brilliantly. She is never fussed when I leave her and when I go to pick her after work she just wants to stay and play.

I even got a lovely Mother’s  Day card this week.

It’s been a strange few weeks but where I have realised how amazing Amelia is at settling into new situations. I feel so proud of her for not letting anything phase her and for adapting so brilliantly. It makes me realise that when it comes to change I should take a leaf out of her book.

Who knew your toddler could teach you a thing or two?




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8 Replies to “A week in Miss P’s world: When your toddler copes better with change than you do”

  • Children are very adaptable and wise too as are the very elderly. My late Dad told me “life changes” when we going through a lot of stress and I was at the end of my tether. Those two simple words have got me through many a stress since. It’s all we really need to know, that and that the only thing that really matters in life is making amazing memories. #FortheLoveofBlog

    • Such perfect words! I really have to think more like this and not dwell on the past. Thank you for reading xx

  • It’s amazing how resilient they are isn’t it? They just get on and seem to say, ‘ok then, this is what we’re doing now is it?’ while we agonise about doing the right thing for them for far too long! Thanks for linking up to the #bigpinklink this week.

  • Aw it’s so lovely that she’s settled in well! It can be quite unnerving having to go through change so I can completely understand where you’re coming from. Really sorry if you’ve already told me/Claire/Vicky, but boring admin stuff, can you make sure you’ve got the #fortheloveofBLOG badge on page? You’ve probably already told me, but I have a memory like a sieve!! xx

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