2016: What a year so far! 

I vaguely remember New Year’s Eve 2015. We watched the New Years show on BBC 1 and I remember Bryan Adams playing some of his many classics in front of a huge crowd in London. We were all awake at midnight and in a break from feeding we all watched some fireworks from the window. Miss P was two weeks old and my existence was now one of ‘cluster’ feeds, lost breast pads (randomly found in various locations around the house!) and random bursts of emotion ( from both me and Mr P!). All I was continually told were perfectly normal and that it would all get easier. At the time I didn’t know what to believe, I was just taking each day as it came and regularly looking in disbelief at this tiny new person in front of me, each day becoming less and less of a dreamy blur. 

Looking back now that evening feels like a million years ago and looking back at the past 7 months I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. These are just a few things of the things that stand out from this time:

Mummy doubt 

If I could take a Tardis and head back to the beginning of this year I would go and visit myself and just say do whatever works for you and trust your gut. There have been a few times in the past 7 months where I have doubted and worried if what I was doing was the right thing. Whether it was over the use of a dummy or deciding to give Miss P a night time bottle I near tortured myself  over  some of these decisions. I still do it now but every time I have to remind myself to trust my gut and look and see that she is doing great and whatever works best for us is the right thing to do. 

Other mummy support

We have been lucky to have close friends and family members have babies around the same time. This is not only precious for the babies but also for us mummies! Just having somebody to sound off to about how much sleep you didn’t get that night is great! Being able to swap tips on feeding, sleeping habits is really helpful but most of all just knowing that you can do this at 4am in the morning over text and getting a reply is AMAZING! 

Tiredness has a lot to answer for

Sleep deprivation sucks! it’s evil and horrible and it makes you feel like somebody you don’t recognise sometimes! But you somehow get through it. I don’t always know how  but you do and before you know it the day has gone by and you have achieved more than you ever thought you would have at 3am that morning.

Super sis! 

When me and my sister were younger we fought like cat and dog. It seemed like we had nothing in common  even only being two years apart in age. I can confidently say that my sister has been my rock since the day Miss P came into this world. (Of course Mr P goes without saying !). Having two young girls of her own she is what I would call a pro (although she argues not). Much of her advice has been the best I have had. Endless texts back and forth regarding night feeds (and the fear of them!), napping tips and just all round general advice on what to do when I’m worried about something Miss P related. She has been amazing and she will never fully understand  how much I appreciate her support and how much she has helped me through this new mummy life.

Be thankful!

There have been some really tough days as a new mum but then there have been mostly amazing days when I look around at my new life and just take a moment to be thankful for what I have. 2015 ended on the highest note it could have done and 2016 has been the most amazing/challenging year ever! Whilst it may be a good few months until New Year’s Eve, I think this year I will be looking back on the biggest year of my life , having a boogie to Bryan Adams and raising a glass (or maybe two) to this crazy new life with less of a dreamy blur around me. 

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  • Ah wow – those newborn days are such a blur aren’t they? You made me laugh with the breastpad comment – I forgot how I used to find them lying around the place!!! Yes, being thankful is a very important thing. x #puddinglove

  • Ah I love this, I think 8 months in (so only a month more than you) so much of this resonated with me! I still seem to leave breastpads dotted around the house haha. It is weird when I think back to Christmas and new year about how much has changed, it has flown by but I also feel I can’t remember life without my son! It’s so great having family and friends support you, they are such a help on bad, sleep deprived, stressful days. #bigpinklink

  • Aw sounds like you’re doing great – the newborn months are so tough and such a haze when I look back. It’s so important to be positive to get through those tough and tiring moments but you seem to have a great outlook xx #marvmondays

  • Great post. Those newborn days as hard as they are, are over in the blink of an eye. I was talking to my Mum yesterday and saying how I wish I’d appreciated them more. There’s no doubt the toddler years are a million times harder (for me anyway!). Re Mummy Doubt, I wish I could go back to myself mere weeks in and just said all will be OK and you know what’s best for you. It’s a right old journey this Motherhood malarkey but amazing! #bigpinklink

  • What a lovely post. I can totally relate to your comments about trusting your gut, although no matter how many people tell you this you dont believe it, and your comments about your sister. My sister is my go to parenting person her little girl is six months ahead of my eldest boy and she was such a source of support. The days fly by and its so lovely to capture how you feel. My new one is now five months and I cannot belive how the year has changed our family. I loved this post thanks for sharing x

    • Aww lovely! My sister has a 4 year old and a 10 months old so there is only 3 months between Miss P and her cousin. It’s great that they will be so close in age! It’s just great to have that support and have somebody so close to yiu going through the same things! 😀 Be lovely to hear how you are getting on. Following your blog now! 😀 Xx

  • The first year is just so insane! I can’t quite believe we’re about to embark on it all over again but I think this time hindsight is on our side and I’d tell myself all that you have above. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • Awww, what a lovely, honest, emotional piece!! I always feel it’s such a shame that the doubt can essentially ruin the early months with a newborn… I really wish I could’ve shown myself at that time what life would look like now, and know that everything was going to turn out absolutely fine! The sleep deprivation and the emotional outbursts it brings with it are also so hard. But like you say, having a strong support network can really help you get through this! And when you can reflect on it all, no longer in a dreamy haze, you can see how far you’ve come, and everything that has made you stronger! As well as having a little person to adore! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  • This is a lovely post – having a newborn is like nothing you can ever imagine the first time round. Everything rolls into one and you come out the other side dazed and slightly confused! Totally feel you with the breast pads – the places those things get and the amount of time I have had them stuck on my feet… Thanks for linking #PuddingLove

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