Cousin Love 

We never had any cousins growing up. There were 3 of us siblings so we were never short of company but I always remember thinking it would be great to have cousins who we could visit and spend time with. So many of my friends seemed to have cousins who they went to visit and hang out with and I always wondered what that would be like. I have friends who are still close to their cousins now as grown ups and are the best of friends.

Me, my brother and sister even ended up making an unofficial pact that we would have children of our own and have cousins in the family.

It sounds silly now. None of us knew what the future would hold and if we would even have children of our own. At the time though we just all loved the idea of extra ‘siblings’ who we would spend lots of time with.

Fast forward many years, a few weddings and some new babies and Miss P now has 5 cousins.

The past few years has seen the appearance of baby after baby so the time she arrived at the end of 2015 she already had a ready made cousin club.

Luckily for us we see most of them on a regular basis and two of my nieces are only a five minutes drive away. This makes last minute trips to the park or just playing at each other’s houses really easy.

The age gaps between most of the cousins is close too so I love that  they will grow up almost like siblings . Who knows if we will have another baby so for now I see having cousins who we are really close by as the next best thing.

They already have a great relationship and being the youngest she will be well looked after by the rest of them.  We have already joked about them heading on nights out together and wondering which one of us will get the call to pick them up from whatever pub, bar or party they might be at.

Family means everything to me and I want my little girl to grow up with her family around her and be close to them. I want her cousins to be her friends as well as family.

I can’t wait for sleepovers, shopping trips and nights out.

We even have plans for a girl band!

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