Mother’s Day: Now I am a Mum 

This year will be my second Mother’s Day. I remember not really thinking much about it before the day. It hadn’t registered in my head that Mother’s Day was related to me apart from how it normally was and celebrating it with my mum. Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate my own Mum and how great she was. We always made a fuss of her and had made it a Mother’s Day tradition in recent years to go for afternoon tea as a family.

It wasn’t until the morning of Mother’s Day that i realized this was now a day which was related to me as well. I was brought breakfast in bed and some flowers by my little girl (with a little help from Daddy) and suddenly it was a day that i was experiencing from the point of view of a mum.

Of course i knew i was a Mum. I had a three month old baby who was feeding day and night and I had joint responsibility for feeding, changing and looking after this small person who had come and changed our lives only a few months before. It just felt suddenly very real having an official acknowledgement of this with a day to purely celebrate being a mum.

We continued the Mother’s Day tradition by going for afternoon tea with my Mum and sister and her family. This made it feel extra special. I was celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mum and I got to spend it with the two best Mums i know. I have always joked in the past that my sister is my second Mum. Since having a baby she has been a total rock and is always my go to in times of need with anything related to bringing up baby. She had her second child only a few months before me so it has been amazing sharing the experience together.

I’m lucky to have a close relationship with both my mum and sister so having them closeby means everything. What better mummy mentors? It isn’t always easy being mum but having people close by who understand and know what you are talking about when you chat little ones going stiff when getting into the car or refusing naps means the world.

This close relationship is something I hope will rub off onto my little girl. I want her to know I will always be there for her and make sure she knows that she can come to me for anything. I want her to know that family are everything and will love you unconditionally.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the mums in our lives or those people who provide any kind of motherly role. To take a moment and think about all of the special things they do for you big or small. I love celebrating mothers day with my mum. I love giving her that special day that she deserves for being so amazing and always being there for all of us. Even better now is that I get to share this day with her as a mum myself.

This Sunday I will be celebrating with my family and the best mums I know. We have broken tradition this year of having afternoon tea and instead are heading off for a ride on a vintage steam train. I think we will still be having a cheeky glass of something at some point though and toasting to all the amazing mums out there.

Hope everybody has a lovely Mother’s Day xx

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