My birthday baby

Next month my little girl will turn 1. Previously my lovely bump who then appeared as this tiny baby girl one early morning in December. I say one Sunday morning but making this extra special the morning of my 34th birthday. Of course nobody knows when babies will turn up and being 13 days late this little lady obviously fancied waiting to share the celebrations with her mummy!

When we were first told our due date we joked about a birthday baby. Never excepting it to actually happen. I already had images of celebrating my birthday at home with my new family, opening presents and celebrating with a long overdue cheeky glass of something more alcoholic than lemonade. Instead I opened birthday presents on the Labour Ward with a really good cup of tea (post Labour tea rules!) with the best birthday present sleeping right next to me. 

The lead up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year and being a December baby I always love this time even more. Having a birthday in December means everybody is in the mood for celebrating and they play Christmas songs on the radio all of the time! It’s an unwritten rule that the Christmas tree has to be up before my birthday and there is no such thing as a joint Christmas/birthday present. I have always annoyed friends with a countdown to my birthday never caring about how old I may be turning just excited about the time of year and celebrations.

Sharing our birthday now means I can share all these silly traditions with my  daughter. Even better we can annoy daddy with a continuous month long countdown. Some people have asked if I mind sharing my birthday but for me it now makes it even more special and  I hope she feels the same way as she grows up. We worked out that we will celebrate 50th and 16th birthdays together which whilst this isn’t something I am even thinking about for now, it is something to smile about. 

When I think about the years ahead I look forward to the mother/daughter relationship that we will have. The fun things we will do together and the hope that she will come to me when she needs to talk. 

It is now just over a month to go so of course the countdown has begun. Even more so for this birthday. A whole year has passed since my bump became our little girl. The girl that changed everything and made time fly pass quicker than it ever has before. The girl that made every birthday from now on ten times even more special and worth the long countdown. 

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