My holiday photo round up 

For the past two weeks I have been on annual leave from work. It has been heaven. After returning to work in September following 10 months maternity leave this has been the longest time I have had off work since then. Working part time off course means that I get those few days when i am away from the office but having a full two weeks has been extra special and giving me a chance to properly switch off from work. 

The best thing about my time off has been the balance between a little bit of me time and some family time. 

These photos are a small idea of my time off and the things that we have been getting up to. The things that stand out from the last few weeks has to be Mother’s Day that was spent with all of the family at Chinnor railway. Miss P loved the old steam train and I loved capturing her face as she took it all in from the comfort of her own seat.  Playing in the park afterwards and having a few glasses of bubbly was also a highlight. 

The clocks changing this weekend meant that we have enjoyed some longer evenings and have been outside before bedtime. We are lucky enough to have a balcony in our flat but being outside this week has made me want to get a house with a garden even more. Something defiantly on the priority list as a family. 

I have noticed in the last few weeks that Miss P is paying a lot more attention to books. I love this and since she was little we have tried to make reading a story before bedtime a regular thing. She doesn’t always sit that still but this week I managed to capture her sat very still reading a book with Daddy before heading off to bed. 

Her favourites at the moment seem to the Mog books, Spot the Dog flap books and the one that plays the music to head, shoulders. I love the way she points to her head now when she hears the music. 

We visited the Sealife centre in Birmingham this week and it was great to let her loose a bit and have a closer look at all if the different fish and penguins. The underwater tunnel was great and she loved that she could see down below her. 

I have really appreciated the time off work. Just having some quality family time and being able to switch off properly is priceless. I am not sure how I am going to adjust next week! 

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