The 365 photo challenge

So since Miss P was born we have somehow managed to take a photo of her every day! It started by accident really with lots of photos being taking in the first few weeks of a her as a newborn. A cute yawn, when she was asleep,awake, feeding, with every visitor, you name it we took a photo! Almost 8 months later we have managed to keep it up. There has of course been the odd day where we have forgotten to take one and realised after she has gone to bed. The answer, a quick creep into her room and a snap of her asleep! (Stupid I know!). πŸ˜€

The idea now is that we will have a photo of her each day of her first year. I would then like to put them all together in some kind of collage for her first birthday. 

I love taking photos and having this photo diary of her first year has been a fantastic way of looking back at just how much she has changed since she was born. It has also been a great way to track her milestones. The first time she rolled over (she was in her cot after an afternoon nap), her first foods, the first time she sat properly (not until almost 7 months without face planting! ). In the beginning most of the photos were taking in her bouncer chair or the floor where she would usually just be lying down or chilling in the same position.  The photos we take these days are all over the place and show the types of development she is making from week to week and the different experiences she is having. Whether this is meeting a goat at the farm or boarding a plane to Vienna!).

Food photos features a lot now with a messy weetabix face having a starring role, as well as photos of her ‘crawling'( more of an army shuffle) across the room and stuffing every available item that isn’t food into her mouth (teething like a trooper but no sign of the white stuff just yet!).

Not another photo mummy!
This week I managed to capture a photo of her climbing onto her toy box and pulling herself up to almost stand! Of course modern day technology means  I was able to capture this moment in an instant with my mobile camera (aka phone) being within arms reach. 

.Having this photo (and the occasional video!)  diary will be a fantastic way of telling Miss P all about her life as a little miss. I suspect we will probably continue to take a photo every day even after her first birthday. I wouldn’t want to miss those embarrassing teenage years after all! 

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  • I tend to not take many photos because I would rather live in the moment. Then I regret it later because there are no photos. It is a bitter circle. I am glad you won’t have that problem and that your childs life will be well documented. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • For my Miss P, who is now three and a half (going on thirteen!) we did a very cute collage of pictures for her first birthday party which made the shape of a number 1, bet you’d have enough pictures to make a giant one!

  • Wow, I absolutely take my hat off to you that you have managed to take a photo every single day!! That is such a huge achievement, and the idea of putting it into a collage for her birthday seems absolutely perfect!! I’m quite envious, because I hardly took any of my first as a tiny baby at all. I’d learnt my lesson with the second, and with all the regret of not having many of the first, I took quite a few of him, but still got nowhere near every day!! My friend did a lovely thing where she took a picture of her little on the same day every month. He was always in a white vest, on a beautiful blanket that she’d made (so the backdrop was always the same,) and he was always in the same position. She then put the 12 photos into a collage for his birthday too. It’s so precious for you to have so many pictures!!

  • This is a brilliant way to capture your child growing up and ad you say a great way to capture milestones. We have so many pictures of our baby, and like you probably have one from every day of her life so far. It’s so easy now to capture pictures with smartphones. The worst thing for me about this is that I can’t actually remember what our daughter looked like when she was younger, without looking at a photo, that’s because she’s changing so quickly everyday. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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