The beginning of the family cycling days 

Mr P has always been a big cycling fan.  Over the years I have learnt all of the cycling lingo and even got a bit involved myself after a moment of madness and signing up for the Ride London 100 cycle ride a few years ago. It ended up being a brilliant summer preparing for the ride. I even didn’t mind the early morning starts. It was so nice to head off into the fresh air. There is something about being out on a country road on your bike and taking the surroundings in around you. Being out in the fresh air was lovely and the added bonus was that because of all the calories burned, coffee and cake at a nice tea shop was always on the days agenda.

It was safe to say that cycling was always going to be in the blood of any small person of ours.

In the last 16 months Mr P’s regular long  weekend rides have taken a step back with other commitments such as a small person to play with taking over. Plans for future cycling rides and holidays were still on his mind however.

Even before Miss P was born he was getting excited about her heading out on a bike with him. A trip to Amsterdam when I was pregnant inspired him even more seeing the culture for families and children taking part in cycling. We saw some great bikes with seats for kids and some really impressive trailers carrying everything from shopping and kids to dogs

This inspiration was spurred on even more when some good friends of ours bought a balance bike when Miss P was only one month old. They treated it as a joke but we loved it! A year and half later and so does she! Her feet can’t quite reach the floor yet but she does climb onto it and waits for daddy to push her around the house on it.

In the interim between her being able to head out on her own bike conversation started on purchasing a bike trailer. We had seen a few out near us and i could see them being eyed up.  After lots of hours spent looking online at the various different types a few weeks later I was watching one being put together and told how great it was. It would fold down and fit into the back of the car and carry all of our picnic paraphernalia for our days out.

I don’t know who was more excited to see it and get it out of the box. Even before it was fully put together she was attempting to climb into the seated area. She was fascinated by it and especially loved the side windows where she could pop her face up against.

The next day was the maiden voyage. Just a quick trip down the road from our house to see what she thought and to give Mr P a feel for having to pull something along on his usually lightweight bike. At first she seemed a bit unsure. The netted cover on the front wasn’t popular at first so we left that open for a little while. Now that it was outside and attached to the bike she did seem a bit confused. Where was this fool taking me? Once she was strapped in she seemed more comfortable and as they set off she sat back and started to look a bit more relaxed.

They took a few laps around near us and she really seemed to enjoy watching the world go by as she was pulled along.


The seat is big enough for two but can be used as a single seat so that she can sit in the middle. My niece is the same age so we are very excited to take them both out on a cycling adventure this weekend. It will be very funny to watch them both taking the world in.

Having the trailer also means that I am going to have to get my bike out again. All for the greater good though and i am looking forward to some days out with our picnic in tow.

We are driving to France this summer with the whole of the family so I am sure the trailer will be coming along with us. We will probably hire some bikes when we are there so this will be a great addition to our holiday in the warm French sunshine.


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