Getting organised with buying presents for kids

I love buying presents for kids. There is nothing more fun than finding the perfect present and seeing their face when they open it.

We have so many birthdays within our friends and family now and I am always trying to be more organised when it comes to coming up with ideas for that perfect gift.

With lots of birthdays coming up over the next few months I have started to look for some ideas for that perfect present. is a great website for finding the perfect present without spending a long time doing it. The site is organised so well and you can easily find what you are looking for whether it is by age, gender or type of gift.


The Big First Birthday 

The first birthday is always something so special. When Amelia turned one she got so many lovely gifts, many of which she still plays with now. At aged one she wasn’t yet walking but a few months later she was off and running about. I love this push along giraffe. and it is perfect for a little one when they are taking their first steps. I even remember having something similar when i was younger. Our friends little girl turns one in a few weeks time and this is defiantly going on my shopping list. The Push along giraffe is £8.99


giraffe push along


The gift for the performer 

My nephew will turn seven this month. It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was celebrating his first birthday. I remember buying him a toy piano which he has since passed onto his younger sister. As he gets older it gets harder to find something that he will enjoy and that will entertain him. Kids seem to be older than their age now and so finding the perfect present becomes a little tougher.

I love the look of this Fun Trix Magic Set and I am sure he will love it too. I love the idea of us all sitting down whilst he entertains us with some new tricks. This set is a total bargain at £6.99

Top Magic - Fun Trix


The Crafty Gift 

My niece loves arts and crafts and is always happy when she is sat at the table making something. This makes buying presents for her a lot of fun as there is so much choice when it comes to this type of gift. Her birthday isn’t until the summer but I already love the look of this ‘Mould & Paint Unicorn’ set of fridge magnets and badges and at £9.99 is a great price.

Mould & Paint Glitter Unicorns Kit


The Educational Gift 

I am all up for an educational gift but it has to have an element of fun too. Amelia is loving learning new things at the moment. She loves anything where she can get the right answer and get a little clap. She has even perfected a little bow!

I am really keen for her to learn as much as she can in a fun way. I have always loved the Orchard range after playing a few games with my niece when she was younger.  A couple of my favorites include ‘Alphabet Match’ and the ‘Post Box Game’ which incorporate learning the alphabet and numbers in a fun way. I know Amelia will love both of these so I will defiantly be looking at these in the next few months.


Orchard Toys Alphabet Match

Orchard Toys Post Box Game

The pretend to be a grown up gift 

My favorite type of gift has to be role play presents. I love anything like toy kitchens, work benches and shops. I think it just reminds me of being a kid and playing different games with my brother and sister where we would turn our bedroom into a shop and turn the whole room upside down.

There are so many of these types of gifts to choose from but my favorites have to be the Le Toy Van Wooden Doctor’s Set and Tool bench Set. Amelia and her cousins are defiantly at the age where role play is becoming more of a thing.  Both of these sets look like great fun and will defiantly going on the list of ideas for third birthday presents later on in the year.


Le Toy Van Wooden Doctor's Set

First Tool Bench


I am really pleased to be working with as one of their brand ambassadors. If you like the look of any of the gifts featured here or anything else on the site you can receive a 10% discount using the discount code MISSP218 when you get to the checkout.





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