30 days of gratitude: Day 1, Home sweet home

So I have decided to take part in the 30 days of gratitude challenge with Aurélie at Bump and Blush. As well as posts on my blog I will be sharing images through my Instagram. The whole point of the challenge is to each day look at the different things we are grateful for. Since our lives have changed so much in the past year I imagine there is so much I am grateful for so I am really looking forward to this challenge. So here we go! Just hoping I can keep up for the whole 30 days! 😀 

It’s September already and my favourite time of year. I love autumn! The feeling of a chilly but sunny morning, a slight frost which then turns into a gorgeous sunny autumn day, leaves turning colour, being able to wear a jacket before digging out the winter coat, tights!! and of course the inevitable countdown to Christmas! (I know, too soon but it is my all time favourite time of year!). 

This time of year also means the darker evenings. Whilst I love long summer evenings I also love nothing more than settling in for the evening and getting cosy at home. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy the darker evenings but I really don’t mind this. I love getting home, shutting the curtains, putting some nice candles on and feeling snug on the sofa.

OWe have lived in our home for about 7 years now. It’s a nice flat and I love it. Of course I would love to move to a house, somewhere with a garden and a bit more space but we are happy for now. Now we have Miss P I can’t think of anything better than having a garden for her to run around in when she is older.  This will always be her first home though.

I remember the first time we brought her home from the hospital. We carried her up to the flat and then gave her the grand tour, showing her around each of the rooms . Of course she was fast asleep! She now knows all of the rooms and being a baby on the move is free to move about the flat at great speed. 

I feel extremely grateful that we have a home together as a family and that she has a place she can call home. This will always be her first home and wherever we go from here this will always be where it all began. We had our life here before she arrived and then she turned up and changed  our lives forever. I look forward to many more memories here but also to the new ones we may make in years to come (and that garden!). 

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