A few weeks of firsts: Sun, sea, sand and pulling herself up to stand.

My mum turned 60 a few weeks ago and up until the day before her birthday had no idea what was going on!  The family had planned a surprise weekend away on the Kent Coast with the biggest surprise being a visit from my brother and his wife who now live over in the US.  Cue hiding in bath for the big reveal! Of course mum was extremely surprised and totally overwhelmed by the effort of all family involved. 

With the weather gods looking down on us we lucked out with an amazing few days of gorgeous sunshine. The house we had rented was lovely and just a stones throw away from the beach. It really was the perfect getaway for the whole family and a great opportunity for Miss P to experience her first sand and dip in the sea. 

The gorgeous Kent coast right on our doorstep

Not living that close to the coast or at least close enough to pop down for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, it was fantastic to be by the water. She absolutely loved having her toes dipped in the water and was fascinated by the waves coming towards her. Of course the sand was equally fascinating, so much so that of course she straight away picked it up and proceeded to place in her mouth! Cue desperate and failed attempt at getting most of said sand out of mouth!
Sea and sand, check! 

As part of the celebrations we had lunch at a lovely pub, The Belle Vue Tavern. Situated in Pegwell Bay, the views were absolutely gorgeous. With the weather being so amazing we had to make the most of it so made sure we enjoyed a few birthday drinks outside in the sunshine after lunch. 

We wanted to visit Broadstairs too so decided on a family bus trip for the short ride along the coast. It seems that this mode of transport was the best decision with the annual Folk Festival taking place and it being one of the busiest weekends of the summer. The beach was one of the busiest I have ever seen in this country with barely a free spot. Everybody was defiantly embracing the British summer! We took a stroll through the busy town centre and even managed to spot the famous Bleak House (of Charles Dickens fame). It was a lovely place to visit and I would defiantly go back for another visit just maybe on a less manic weekend. 

Open top bus trip! Check! 

One of the best things about the weekend was spending it with the whole family. We are lucky enough to have a pretty close family and we are close to my sister and her two girls. We never had any cousins so always made an unofficial sibling  pact that we would give our own children cousins to grow up with. I love how close they are in age and that they will grow up together. My mum absolutely loved having everybody there for the weekend and absolutely dotes on all three of her granddaughters . They are totally spoilt by her so it was lovely to treat her and make sure she was equally spoilt for her special weekend. 

I don’t know if it was with being away from home or the influence of her older cousin but Miss P was suddenly feeling super confident and decided to pull herself up to stand by the sofa. (Cue mummy and daddy super excited claps and whooping!). For a few days before she had been looking like she might do it but had not quite managed it. She must have been saving herself for the big birthday celebration weekend with a bigger audience. Living in a flat we don’t have any stairs so she was loving the attraction of a next level up and making moves towards these at every opportunity! 

And that was it. She is now unstoppable!  

She wants to climb on anything and everything! Nowhere or nobody is safe! She has even started attempting to stand in the bath, making bath time somewhat energetic! Her confidence is building everyday and she seems to enjoy nothing but standing by her toy box for reasonably long periods of time just smiling at us and laughing to herself. No doubt she is very pleased with herself and warning us that there is more to come very soon! 

Pulling herself up to stand, check! (Cue drawer protector clip thingys that stop baby pulling drawers open!)


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