A week in Miss P’s world: First steps

So this last week has been very exciting with Miss P taking her first proper steps. We have seen her becoming more independent when standing on her own since Christmas but this week has been the first time she has made any proper moves from the solo standing position. 

Ever since she turned one it’s been the burning question that everybody seems to want to ask. We have been in no rush at all. The usual milestones come and pass by so quickly it’s been lovely to hold onto another one for a little bit longer. 

I have really enjoyed all the different phases of her development. Seeing her change from hating tummy time and looking extremely frustrated to being able to lift her head and pull herself up onto her knees. I remember seeing her attempt to roll over for the first time and just watching and pointing as she got her arm stuck under her body secretly egging her on. Sounds quite cruel now but it was all in excitement and love. 

I think I even called Mr P at work when she rolled over the first time! She was in her cot and she gradually managed to get her arm out from underneath her and there she was on her front all by herself. 

Seeing her take those steps this week was very exciting though and after a couple of attempts we did manage to catch a little video of her moving about the kitchen. I am sure it will be a few weeks until she is well on the move but it does make me excited to see her next moves. It will be strange to see her pottering around the house upright chasing her friends and cousins around. I am also secretly excited about going to the shoe shop for the first time and choosing her first pair of  big girl shoes. 

So as the weekend approaches I will take a cheeky glass of prosecco and say cheers to my little girl and her first steps! 

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