Hello double figures! Miss P is 10 months old 

I can’t believe it. This week we hit double figures and Miss P turned 10 months old. I know people always say the first year flies by but I didn’t think it would be this quick! When I see other babies that are clearly younger than her I still have to remind myself that she is as old as she is and there are other babies who have been born after her!

10 months seems so much older and less baby like and I guess looking at her she is very much less baby like now.

At 10 months old she is well and truly on her way to those first proper steps with confidence growing every day . She loves to grab her walker and totter around the room charging into everything and anything that gets in her way. If not on her on feet she will be charging around on her hands and knees making her way around the flat. 

She is getting faster and faster as she cruises around the living room furniture and the attempts at not holding on are very amusing as she soon realises there is nothing there to hold onto.

Her personality shines through in all aspects of her little life. She suddenly hates being dressed which is somewhat challenging at times and when dinner time is over the best thing to do is get her out of that highchair quick sharp before she realises there is no more food coming!

Food is a popular one which I am thankful for. I don’t think there is anything that girl won’t eat! I can give her a piece of banana, turn around for a split second and it will be gone. 

I love seeing her change every day and I love looking back at how much she has changed. I’m really enjoying this stage and seeing her move about. My favourite activities are our weekly baby sensory class and swimming lessons. I can’t wait to see her develop more in the pool and grow more confidence as she gets older. 

As mentioned in a previous post we are aiming to get a photo of her every day of her first year. This has proven to be a great way of looking back at the different ways she has changed. I have also tried my hardest to keep up with our baby’s first year book. When you see your little one every day some things get a bit lost but to look and think back you remember some of the things that you had totally forgotten. Every day/week/month brings something new and when you think you one thing is a challenge a few weeks later you have soon forgotten about it and it all changes again! 

That is one of my favourite things about being a parent. The challenging times are hard but the rewards outweigh the challenges when you see the results. I often look and think, ‘we did that’ and that amazes me! To bring this tiny person into the world and nurture her into the personality that she has become. It’s crazy but brilliant! 

I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring. A first birthday, a first proper Christmas and new adventures as we go into the new year. If time could just slow down however a little that would be nice! 



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