It’s the small things that make all the difference

This week I think I realised something. It has only taking me 17 months but I have come to realise that as a parent it is the small things that make all the difference and make a day a better day and a week a better week.

This week has been one of those weeks where the small things have made my day and my week.

Swimming lesson success

We have been attending swimming lessons since September. Amelia seems to enjoy them but in the past few weeks she hasn’t seemed to enjoy them as much. She has seemed frustrated and not fully wanting to join in with what the rest of the class is doing.

Nobody wants to be the parent whose child is the only one who doesn’t seem enthusiastic about a class and in the past few sessions I have been that parent. This week however we seemed to turn a corner. She loved the whole lesson. She stayed interested for the whole thirty minutes and loved jumping in and out of the pool. She didn’t get frustrated when we had to put some of the toys back and was excited to join in with what everybody else was doing.  I was so happy by the time the lesson had finished  I could cry. I left the lesson with a huge smile on my face.

Holding Hands!

After writing my post last week on trying to get Amelia to hold hands when we were out and about, something happened.

She held hands.

We were on our way out to our swimming lessons. I started by telling her what we were going to do, hold hands and then go to the car. I held my hand out and as if by magic she held on. I was so excited but didn’t want to show it too much and tempt fate but inside I was dancing. She then held it all the way to the car. Getting into the car wasn’t popular at first but I can live with that. So far we were winning.

We arrived at the swimming pool and I said the same thing. We were going to hold hands and walk to the swimming pool. She held on again. I wanted to jump for joy there and then but we were holding hands now and there was no way I was letting go.

She did exactly the same after our lesson and we managed to get all the way back to the car without any drama, picking up or running off. This was the best day ever!

I messaged my sister when we got home to tell her and explain how happy I was. Her message back read  ‘Yay, whoop whoop! Small things make the biggest difference’.

They really do.

There are so many times as parents when the small things can really get us down and we spend our time worrying about them. Has she brushed her teeth enough? Does just having the toothbrush in her mouth count? Has she eaten enough?  Will she nap for longer than 30 minutes ever? (thankfully that phase did pass!) Will she play nicely with other children her age?

Of course to us at the time they aren’t small, they are the biggest thing in the world and the things that sometimes  distract us from the good things going on around us.

But then the small things can go in our favour and little wins like getting them to eat a whole meal, sit in the car seat without a battle or hold hands when out and about can make you feel great.

This week I have felt like I am winning and it has made me realise that this parenting job is all about the small wins and how amazing they make us feel.

I know it won’t always feel like this so I keeping this post to remind of these times.

Catherine x



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