Our new life! Back to work, adventures in childcare and a full nights sleep!!! 

The last few weeks seem to have gone past so quickly but so much seems to have changed. Summer seems like a long time ago and with the start of X Factor and Strictly it’s officially my favourite time of year and the countdown to Christmas! 

Back to work!  

Firstly I am now back at work and Miss P is now in a regular routine of childcare for the first half of the week. It’s our new life and we seem to be settling into it pretty well. 

Everybody was quick to ask me in the first week how she was and how she had got on in those first few days of not spending the whole day with me. The honest answer? Totally fine and somewhat not bothered when I said goodbye and headed off to work. She has taken it all in her stride and barely notices when I drop her off! Was she secretly looking forward to this?! This of course is great and I would much prefer she was like this than crying at the door as I drive off to work. It’s also great that she is happy in other company. She is already making other little friends and is becoming friendly with their pet dog Daisy. 

It does feel strange that she is off having adventures without us and that I don’t know exactly everything she has done that day but it’s a positive. It was time for us to have this change and she is loving it! 

I am also enjoying the balance of work and mummy daughter time. On the days I don’t work it’s just like being back on maternity leave so I am extremely grateful for how lucky I am to have this type of working week. I am enjoying being able to use my work brain again but then being able to switch off towards the end of the week. 

All night long! 

The biggest change to happen in the past few week is she has finally started to slept through! At nine months she is a bit late to the all nighter party but we got there! We are still early days and I don’t want to tempt fate but so far so good! 

I honestly never thought it would ever happen and I can’t explain how nice it finally feels to get a full nights sleep! I know there will be plenty others out there who will understand where I am coming from. I will in no way take it for granted however as I know very well that things can change day to day but will enjoy this time for now. 

Sleeping baby means happy baby and happy mummy

Autumn is my favourite time of year and I am already starting to think about Christmas and the big first birthday in a few months time. I secretly want to get planning already! Living in a flat we are limited on space and counting up all the family members if they could all make it could be tight. Whatever we do it will be lovely and I can’t wait to celebrate. I just still can’t believe it’s coming around so quickly! Where did my baby girl go? 

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  • That’s lovely that you can drop her off at childcare and she doesn’t get upset! That must’ve made your transition back to work, so much easier! The sleeping through also makes life a lot more jovial doesn’t it! My first did it at 8 weeks, but the second took a year, and I’d just resigned myself to the fact he wouldn’t ever do it, when he started!! I always associate X factor with Autumn and the build up to Christmas-I can’t believe it’s here already!!

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