Small one on the move

Since learning to walk Miss P has mostly spent the time running around at home. Now that the weather is getting better and Spring is around the corner it is great to get out and about and let her run free.

Last weekend we went to Emberton Park. It is about a ten minute drive from us and has some nice play parks but also some great bits of large green spaces where we could  let her run around on her own. Ever since learning to walk she loves nothing more than just being set free and it is great to see her running of with her tiny little legs.

I love capturing these moments and seeing how excited she gets being able to have a little wander without us holding her hand. It’s a new found freedom that she seems to be really loving.

I cannot wait to venture out more this year. Now that she is running around we will be heading to lots more places where she can run around and experience this whole new freedom.


Diary of an imperfect mum #PointShoot

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