The big move into baby’s own room! (Finally) Part 1

So this week Miss P will finally be making the move into her own room. She is now 7 months and I think in my naive new mummy mind I had images of making the move a lot earlier. Of course I now have a bit more of a clue (kind of) and 7 months down the line I realise that things don’t always work out the way you think they will and in the order you think they will.

Speaking to others on this subject they have advised me that their little ones have slept better once in their own room. Whilst Miss P isn’t an awful sleeper at all she is still waking in the night which could be hunger,teething, developmental (?) or all of the above. Either way the bullet is going to have to be bitten! 

I am slightly nervous. Will I just now spend the whole night listening out for her and have less sleep than I’ve been getting? Will she sleep better without the disturbance of other people moving about in the same room? I’ve entitled this post part 1 since I think an update will be coming in a few days time once the move has been made. 

Watch this space! 😀

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  • I moved my baby into his own room this week (he’s 5 months). He’s a fairly good sleeper in general, he might wake 2 or 3 times night but goes straight back to sleep with a soother. So the first couple of nights I was glued to the monitor. Advice – don’t use a monitor – you’ll hear her if the doors are open slightly and monitor will drive you crazy! Best of luck #ablogginggoodtime

  • Ahh good luck I hope it goes smoothly, when I moved my son I was a bit anxious and kept checking on him but with the baby monitor after a few nights I knew I would wake up if he fussed! I kept the door open too. You can always revert to newborn hacks and leave your jumper in the bed with little one. Thank you for linking with #ablogginggoodtime xx

  • I hope it goes well for you. I think we did this around 4-6 months when my little one started kicking his way out of his basinet. We got really lucky and it worked out well although I admit I was very sleepless being worried about him and ended up sleeping in the twin bed we put in his room. It’s always hard to transition into new things but I’m sure you all will figure it out. Good Luck!

  • aww good luck 🙂 I kept checking my boy loads when we moved him to his cot but I slept so much better and he did too 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

    • Thank you! We are going through a. Strange phase where she is waking a couple of times a night and taking a while to go back down. She is almost 8 months now so I don’t think she is actually hungry so hoping the move may help! 😁

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