The big move into baby’s own room (finally!) part 2

We did it! We finally made the move! At almost 8 months Miss P finally ventured into her own room. I of course was dreading it (see part 1), but we are now almost 2 weeks in and I have to say all the fears I had about it were probably a bit over dramatic and in all honesty it has worked out for the best.

Getting our bedroom back 

We finally have our bedroom back and it feels huge! It’s been a long time since there hasn’t been a third person sharing  our sleeping quarters so with the removal of a cot the space suddenly feels a lot bigger! It’s really nice to have this space back. We don’t have to creep into the bedroom for fear of disturbing her and being able to put the light on when entering the room is still total novelty. Being able to have a conversation above whispering volume, well that is just bizarre! 

Losing the monitor

We don’t live in a Downton Abbey style or size house where the rooms are so far apart that you have no idea what is going from one end of the house to the other. Our two bedroom flat is small enough to hear most noise from other rooms and that includes from our room to the short distance where Miss P now resides at night. (I now know this for certain!). Whilst discussing the move with a few different people I had mixed opinions on whether or not to bother using the monitor once we had gone to bed. I was worried I wouldn’t hear her at night (obviously forgetten I wasn’t Lady Grantham lording it up in my stately home!) so the obvious answer was to keep the monitor beside me whilst I slept. After one night of hugging my monitor friend I realised I did not need it. I could hear her when she stirred, coughed, woke. All of the above. 

Sleeping better? 
Yes and no. As we all know a week in a baby’s  life sometimes feels like a month and as soon as you think you have dealt with one thing something else creeps up on you. I have defiantly slept better not listening to her every move and in the first few nights she slept for longer in between waking. Then it arrived! The first tooth! At 8 months Miss P is a bit late to the tooth party but if the amount of items that have been chewed on are anything to go by we can safely say she has been teething for a while. The appearance of the little white one came about a week after the move and because she can’t tell me otherwise I am basing her waking more on the fact that she has a tiny sharp white razor cutting through her tiny gums! 😢 (more posts to follow on joining the tooth party!).

All in all though the move has been a positive one . I think the biggest thing for me is that the move signals another move away from Miss P being a tiny baby and marks another milestone in her little life. This is scary and exciting! Scary because it doesn’t seem like five minutes ago she was a tiny baby and now she is grabbing and climbing up on anything and everything! Exciting looking forward at what will come next in her crazy little life. 

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