To the girl who changed everything:  To my little girl on her first birthday. 

To the girl who changed everything.

We made it. One whole year! One whole year since you came into our lives and changed them forever.

Here we are celebrating your 1st birthday. To you it will probably just feel like another day but for us it will be the most special day of this year. I am very excited for you to wake up tomorrow morning and see the room covered in balloons. You will  finally be able to rip open some of the presents that have been sat under the Christmas tree for the past few days. I can already guess that you will be more interested in the paper and boxes rather than the new toys you have.

I can’t believe that we are getting ready to celebrate the end of one of the craziest years of our lives. It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were bringing you home from the hospital via the supermarket to pick up a dinner of steak and a cheeky glass of prosecco!

We brought you home and gave you the tour. Shortly afterwards you fell asleep. We took our first photo of you in your new home under the Christmas tree. It only seemed right with 12 days to go until the big day. And that was it, the adventure began.
It has been a whirlwind of a year. We have had some great adventures. We even went on an aeroplane! International jet setter at 5 months old!

I was slightly nervous but you were amazing and what a great time we had away.

We’ve been on holidays, day trips, met lots of animals. You’ve played with all your cousins lots and made lots of new friends.
I can’t even imagine our lives without you in it. You have an amazing personality and you make me laugh every day. It hasn’t always been easy but we have got through and  i am so proud of the little girl you are becoming. I love everything about you and all of the silly little things you do.

I love the way you point at everything as soon as you wake up in the morning.

I love how you know when food is coming and make the Mmmm noise.

I love how you seem to enjoy wiping up when given a wet wipe! This really could come in handy in future years.

I love how you know when daddy is coming home and head straight for the front door.

I love how you clap your hands at any music (including Chaz and Dave!!)

I love how you know the Friends theme tune and laugh and clap when it comes on. (Which probably has a lot to do with us watching it every day!)

I love the way you copy me when I pretend to be Tarzan.

I love how you chat to yourself when you wake up in the morning.

I love how you have a ‘secret’ life at the childminder and have all of these adventures we don’t know about.

I love watching you change every day and seeing the different things you want to try. From climbing up onto sofa to attempting to get into every cupboard.
I love your carefulness when it comes to trying to stand on your own. You will do it but then you suddenly remember that you aren’t holding onto anything.

I love your smile. It really does light up a room and just makes me smile back. If I’m feeling rubbish or tired or both! Your smile makes it all better.

I love how you have made me into a mummy. You have changed our lives forever and you have changed me forever.

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!  Xxx

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