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This week I had the pleasure of taking a sneaky peak into a new story series from Tom’s Storytime.

Tom’s Storytime is a website featuring stories aimed at children of all ages. The website is broken into three areas: Sprites (aged 0-6), Adventurers (3-8) and Interactive (all ages).

We sat down to watch ‘Bug Hunt’ and ‘Hello Davey’ which is in the Sprites section of the wesbite. My little girl is 17 months old and as I am sure is the case with most her age getting her to sit still for longer than a few minutes is becoming a challenge. She does love a story though and the combination of moving images and a story was perfect for her.

The opening of each story starts with a shot of a storyteller sat in a large wooden chair. I loved this opening and the chair and the featured background had a real fairytale feel about it. It was really nice to see something a bit different too.



‘Bug Hunt’

This was a really lovely story of a little girl who was collecting bugs to put into her book. . Along the way she makes a friend called Mr Wasp. We really enjoyed this story and we were able to point out all of the different bugs in the story to our little girl.  I loved the character. She was a little girl exploring the big wide world and seeing it through her eyes was just magical.

The illustrations on the videos are really lovely and really enable you to show your child the different things in the story clearly and make some noises along the way!

Davey Chicken

Davey Chicken is aimed at children aged 3-7. My little girl whilst still a bit young for this loved the moving images and again the opening credits with the wooden chair. You could tell that she recognised it from the previous story which I loved.

The character of Davey Chicken isn’t your traditional children’s character which I quite liked. Davey is described as a ‘naughty chicken who gets himself into a bit of bother’.  He has a bit of a cheeky trouble looking appearance which made me think he was a bit of a rebel.  I really liked this and it made him stand out from other children story characters that we usually see.


Again the illustrations are fantastic and the storyteller really keeps your attention by the way he tells the story.

I loved both of these stories and my little girl loved the bright and colourful illustrations. She loved that she could hear somebody telling the story whilst being transfixed on the moving images as well.

You can subscribe to the Tom’s Story You Tube channel where you will be able to access new stories as they are released.  As well as being available as videos you can purchase all of the stories as hard copies on Amazon. I am loving building up our book collection  for our daughter so I will be sure to purchase a hard copy of the books.

Have a look at Tom’s Story on Facebook and follow on Twitter for updates of new stories for your little ones.








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