What’s in our baby keepsake box 

I have always been a keeper of little things that hold memories. I have always kept birthday cards from landmark birthdays, train tickets from special days out and little trinkets from special occasions.

Earlier this week I came across our box of keepsakes from when Amelia was born.I hadn’t looked at it for a while or added to it. It was nice to sit down and have a look at some of the things that were in there.

Hospital bracelets

I have kept mine and Amelia’s. Her’s is so tiny! I can’t believe that it ever fitted around her ankle. Just reminds me how tiny she was when she was born. I like the way it just says female baby on it. In their eyes she had no official title at that point. ‘Female Baby’ was her name.

White knitted cardigan 

This was a cardigan knitted by my mother in law. I love hand knitted baby clothes and we had a few lovely bits that we made sure got some good wear out of them. This was the one that Amelia wore when we came home from hospital. It is so tiny but I remember that we had to turn the sleeves up because they were slightly too long. Being something knitted by her Nanny this will defiantly be something we keep to show her when she is older.

Pink sleepsuit

We didn’t know we were having a girl until the minute she arrived. Even then I had to ask the midwife! The day she was born my mum went straight out and bought her first pink sleepsuit. Of course we had lots of other gender neutral sleep suits ready and waiting but it was nice to have something that was a little bit girly now that we finally knew what bump was.

I remember the size was newborn but still looked really big. Amelia weighed 7lb 5oz when she was born but for some reason I had a feeling I was going to have a big baby.  So much so that I packed some 0-3 sleep suits just in case. What was I thinking?

My 1st Christmas’ sleepsuit

Being a December baby we had a stockpile of lovely Christmas outfits we had been giving as gifts. When she finally made an appearance 13 days late, 12 days before Christmas we made sure that she got good wear out of them all.  We had reindeer sleep-suits, Christmas Pudding Hats and tops with bells on. If you were to look back at a lot of the photos of her when she was first born there was defiantly a theme.

On Christmas Day she wore her ‘My 1st Christmas’ sleep-suit so I added this to the box. It was her first Christmas and our first with a new member of our family.

Parking tickets

Probably the most random out of all of the items. I found these in the car last week. When I looked at the dates these were from the night we went into the labour ward. We arrived at the car park just before 8.30pm.

I had been having contractions on and off all day but was more than happy to stay at home until we absolutely needed to go.  We only live 10 minutes from the hospital so we knew we weren’t far away.  The lovely midwife I spoke to during the day said that staying at home was the best thing until things really started to kick off.

When we eventually decided it might be time to go I remember saying if they  did send us home that night we would try and get some sleep. Fast forward 8 hours and lots of walking up and down hospital corridors and we had our new baby daughter in our arms.

The other two tickets I found were when Mr P arrived back at the hospital after a nights sleep for him at home and one from the day we came for our 5 day check up. It felt so strange to be coming back to the place where it had all happened.  It felt like such a long time since we had been there. I was exhausted and convinced I was going to be told Miss P’s weight was low. In fact she had put weight on which they said was really unusual. The health visitor reassured me that all was well and that we were doing a great job. She was so lovely and I remember leaving there feeling relived but teary.

Looking through the box of things it made me realise that the reason I like to keep things is to look back and remember. Each of these things, no matter how silly they may seem have a special memory for me and a bit of a story at the same time.

I can’t wait to fill it with more things that we can look back at and show her as she gets older.

What have other people kept from the early days? I would love to hear what other little things people keep.

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Petite Pudding

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Petite Pudding

8 Replies to “What’s in our baby keepsake box ”

  • Oh I just LOVE this post! There’s nothing silly at all about the things in your daughter’s keepsake box. They connect you to the precious memories with your girl! I am a passionate advocate for memory making and memory keeping and I adore finding posts like this! <3 #ablogginggoodtime

  • awww this is adorable! I’ve put the outfit I was wearing when he was born, his hosbital bands, the name tag on his incubator from NICU, I think I even kept a micro nappy (clean of course) i’m a hoarder so I think i’ll need a memory cupboard hahah! #EatSleepBlogRT

  • Our little girl’s first keepsakes are so similar! We have the hospital bracelets and her first Christmas sleep suit (she was born 30 Nov). She was 7lb 1oz and everything swamped her – you could barely see her in her snowsuit. I hovered over her in the car seat all the way home to make sure she was ok! I did find a grim keepsake is a drawer – the clip with her belly button skin in! How gross is that – it hastily went in the bin. Maybe the post pregnancy hormones made me think keeping it was a good idea! Thanks for bringing back the memories with this post lovely xx

  • This brought tears to my eyes because I was thinking of all the little items from when my kids were tiny. I have a bag somewhere of some baby clothes I couldn’t bear to get rid of when they were outgrown. I am really bad about keeping sentimental things though. I have too many of them and I’m going to run out of space! Thanks for linking to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you join again next time.

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