30 days of gratitude: Day 3. Back to work but it’s OK! 

So my maternity leave is very quickly coming to an end. It’s been 10 months since I sat at my desk and worked. In a few weeks time I will go back and have to use my work brain again. I will have to type on a keyboard (currently using iPad!). I will send emails and use a proper sign off (no kisses maybe!)

Miss P will start childcare and our life as we currently know it will change forever. Nervous, excited, scared, apprehensive are all words that I would use to describe how I am feeling but it’s all fine. 

I have been at my current workplace for almost 12 years now so I can safely say that I enjoy it. I have been lucky to have been given a number of opportunities whilst here and I am even more lucky to work with a lovely bunch of people. I work in the charity world which can be tough but at the same time incredibly rewarding. Knowing that the work I am doing is for good and not just about making money makes it all worth while. I don’t ever dread going into work and enjoy what I do.

Don’t get me wrong there are days which are tougher than others and we work very hard but the rewards of having a job which I enjoy going into and enjoy spending time with my work colleagues outweighs this. 

I have been very lucky to have made some life long friends whilst at my workplace too. I always say that you are at work sometimes more than home so it is so important to enjoy what you do (as much as you can anyway). I also know that it is rare to stay somewhere so long and still enjoy it. 

That is why returning to work after 10 months doesn’t feel me with dread. This is going to be the beginning of our next chapter. I am lucky enough to be returning part time so I will have the best of both worlds. Miss P will have her own adventures whilst at childcare and we will have our adventures all together as a family. 

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